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Last updated Dec 11, 2023

Our sexual abuse attorneys in the Los Angeles area can help survivors pursue their legal options for justice. Under the California Child Victims Act, survivors of childhood sexual abuse may be able to file a lawsuit regardless of how long ago it occurred.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sexual assault is nonconsensual contact with another individual, and can leave survivors with physical and psychological trauma causing other repercussions.
  • Depending on the circumstances, the penalty for sexual assault in California can include jail time and a fine for damages.
  • Survivors of adult sexual abuse may file a civil sexual assault lawsuit within three years from the date that they were aware of abuse or 10 years from the incident.
  • The California Child Victims Act has extended the statute of limitations for survivors of sexual abuse.

Los Angeles Adult and Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Sexual abuse is a detrimental crime that gravely affects the well-being of the survivors who endure it. The results of the experience often leave survivors with physical and psychological trauma causing other repercussions, such as deteriorating mental health, loss of income or a job, and other debilitating factors.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse, the compassionate Los Angeles sex abuse attorneys at Edwards Henderson may help you achieve the justice and compensation you deserve by helping you navigate the process of filing a lawsuit against your abuser and any other potentially responsible third parties. Please contact one of our Los Angeles sex abuse lawyers for a free confidential consultation to learn more.

How Can a Los Angeles Sex Abuse Lawyer Help Me?

Oftentimes a civil lawsuit is a sexual abuse survivor’s best option for achieving justice. In addition to holding their abuser accountable and recovering compensation for the suffering they have endured, a lawsuit can also hold the institution that may have made it easier for the crime to occur accountable as well. For example, if a student was sexually abused by a teacher or staff member, the academic institution could be held liable for their part in the assault if they were negligent in any way.

At Edwards Henderson, our Los Angeles sex abuse lawyers have experience representing sex abuse survivors against small and large institutions. With our expertise, we can help you understand your legal rights and build a strong case to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

California Sexual Assault State Laws

Under California state law, sexual assault is defined as the touching of the intimate or private part of another individual who is unable to give consent or who is non-consensually restrained by the offender with the purpose of sexual arousal, gratification, or abuse of the victim.

Depending on the circumstances regarding the crime, the penalty for sexual assault in California can include jail time and a fine for damages. For a misdemeanor sexual battery or assault, the criminal can spend up to six months in county jail and have to pay a fine of up to about $2,000-$3,000. In other circumstances, if the criminal is convicted of a felony, jail time increases from one to four years with fines up to $10,000.

Childhood sexual abuse involves children under the age of 18. California imposes different penalties for sexual acts involving children under the ages of 10 and 14 years old and with children who are between 14 and 15 years old. Sexual acts involving younger children come with harsher penalties.

A Los Angeles sex abuse attorney can help you further understand the potential criminal and civil penalties for your abuser, including several means by which you can report the crime and seek compensation for any and all damages.

Statutes of Limitations for Filing a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in Los Angeles

In California, survivors of adult sexual abuse (meaning they were 18 years or older when the crime took place) have three years from the date that they were aware they were abused or 10 years from the incident to file a civil sexual abuse lawsuit.

Assembly Bill 218, also known as the California Child Victims Act, has made significant changes to the laws regarding childhood sexual abuse in California. A key element of this act includes extending the amount of time someone has to initiate legal proceedings following the event, otherwise known as the statute of limitations. Before this act, survivors of sexual abuse only had about three years from when the damage became apparent or until the age of 26 if the abuse happened during their childhood. Since the bill was enacted, these limits have changed. Now, survivors have up to five years after the discovery of damage or until the age of 40 to initiate any legal proceedings.

Most importantly, the California Child Victims Act includes a three-year lookback window that allows any individual to file a child sex abuse lawsuit, regardless of how long ago the abuse occurred, through December 31, 2022.

What To Expect When Filing a Los Angeles Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Any act of sexual abuse can be detrimental to the survivor’s well-being. They can face both physical and psychological trauma either immediately following the crime or years later. Understanding the process of filing a sex abuse lawsuit may help ease anxiety or worries regarding seeking the justice you deserve.

In addition to the personal benefits that a successful lawsuit may offer survivors, filing a sex abuse lawsuit in California can also help you protect others. Legal action can help stop the perpetrator from hurting other individuals, and force any establishment that may have failed to protect you to enact better policies to help prevent and report abuse. There is a particular sense of relief that comes with knowing that you may have spared other people from being similarly abused.

A successful civil sex abuse lawsuit may also help you recover financial compensation for your pain and suffering from all potentially responsible third parties. While the aftermath of a sexual assault is pernicious, there is no reason that your journey towards justice should be the same.

Contact a Los Angeles Sex Abuse Attorney Today

If you have survived an act of sexual abuse, the Los Angeles sex abuse attorneys at Edwards Henderson are ready to hear your story. Backed by years of successful litigation experience against powerful individuals and establishments, including Jeffrey Epstein’s estate, our law firm is uniquely qualified to represent you. We understand how difficult it can be to come forward with your sex abuse allegations, but our compassionate Los Angeles sex abuse attorneys have the knowledge and capability to facilitate your journey towards justice.

Consult an experienced Los Angeles sexual abuse lawyer to see if you may have grounds for a civil action. A phone call or email is your first step towards obtaining justice and closure. Contact Edwards Henderson today for a free and confidential legal consultation.

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