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Last updated Jun 10, 2024

Sexual abuse can leave scars that do not easily fade with time. If you or a loved one were sexually abused in New York City (NYC), contact Edwards Henderson Lehrman to speak with an NYC sex abuse lawyer today.

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Key Takeaways

  • Sexual abuse often leaves survivors with lifelong mental, physical, and emotional scars.
  • Survivors of sexual abuse may have the right to hold the perpetrator and any third party that enabled the crime accountable for their actions.
  • An NYC sexual abuse lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the harm you suffered as a result of sexual abuse or assault.

NYC Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Sex abuse is a traumatic and largely underreported crime that can have long-lasting psychological and emotional effects on survivors. The issue of sex abuse in New York City has become a major concern for many individuals and families in recent years. Unfortunately, many survivors of sexual abuse are unaware of their legal rights or how to seek justice.

Taking action against an abuser can be an empowering step in the healing process for survivors, providing them with a sense of justice and closure. If you have suffered from sexual abuse or assault in the city, remember you are not alone. A qualified NYC sex abuse lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the perpetrator and hold them accountable for the wrong they have done.

Legal Representation for Sexual Abuse Survivors in NYC

Sexual abuse can leave mental, emotional, and physical scars that do not easily fade with time. Regardless of when the assault took place, the trauma of sexual abuse may manifest as depression, substance abuse, PTSD, anxiety, and other detrimental consequences.

Sexual abuse survivors may be able to hold their abuser as well as any other parties complicit in the abuse accountable by filing a sex abuse lawsuit. Pursuing legal action may give the survivor the closure they need to begin the healing process.

The NYC sexual abuse lawyers of Edwards Henderson are nationally recognized litigators that are dedicated to advocating on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse, protecting their rights, and fighting for the compensation they deserve. If you or a loved one were sexually abused, contact the New York City sex abuse lawyers of Edwards Henderson today for a free legal consultation to see if filing a civil lawsuit is right for you.

What is Considered Sexual Abuse in NYC?

According to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, someone is sexually assaulted in the United States every 68 seconds, and a child is sexually abused in the US every 9 minutes. In general, sexual abuse can be defined as any unwanted sexual contact, both physical and non-physical. While sexual abuse may be physically violent, it does not have to be. Sexual abuse may be physical, emotional, or mental and may involve manipulation and coercion.

Sexual abuse includes:

  • Sexual harassment: Common in the workplace and schools, sexual harassment may involve unwanted sexual advances, verbal sexual harassment, and requests for sexual favors
  • Sexual assault: Physical acts of sexual violence including rape, molestation, incest, unwanted folding, or sodomy
  • Rape: Forced sexual contact with someone who is unable to consent or is too young to legally consent
  • Incest: Sexual acts between two relatives
  • Voyeurism or Exhibitionism: Covertly taking pictures and/or watching someone when they are exposed, or a perpetrator exposing themselves to someone without consent
  • Forced exposure to pornography

What is Child Sex Abuse?

In New York, child sex abuse refers to any sexual act with a child under the age of 17 years old. The sexual abuse of children is an unsettling problem in America, with experts estimating that 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 13 boys will experience some form of child sex abuse. In 91% of child sex abuse cases, the child knows and trusts the abuser, who could be a teacher, coach, or similarly trusted individual.

NYC child sex abuse crimes commonly involve:

  • The possession of child pornography
  • Taking photos or videos of nude children
  • Exposing a child to pornography
  • Forcing or coercing a child into sexual acts

When Should I Contact an NYC Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

If you were recently sexually abused, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible. A medical professional can help you secure a rape kit that can serve as evidence, should you wish to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. You may also want to confide in a loved one and move to a safe space as you process the injuries of the assault.

When you are ready to file a lawsuit, you may want to speak to an experienced sexual abuse lawyer who can explain your legal questions and guide you on how to collect evidence to strengthen your case. A skillful NYC sexual abuse lawyer will help you determine the best course of action for your case and also ensure your rights and interests are protected throughout the process.

Remember, sexual abuse and assault is never the fault of the survivor. All sexual abuse survivors deserve justice. While no amount of money can erase the trauma and pain you have experienced, an NYC sex abuse lawyer can help you seek compensation for your suffering so you may pursue the best possible resources to heal from the trauma.

NYC Sexual Abuse Case Types We Have Experience With

At Edwards Henderson, we understand that each sexual abuse lawsuit comes with unique nuances, and we are well-versed in representing individuals who have been subjected to many forms of sex crimes including assault, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

Our sexual abuse lawyers have a proven track record of success in restoring justice on behalf of survivors affected by different forms of sexual abuse, including:

Who May Be Held Liable for Sexual Abuse in NYC?

Survivors of sexual abuse may be able to bring a civil tort claim for damages against their attacker as well as any third parties who could be found liable for the abuse that took place. These third parties may include:

  • Businesses and Organizations: Businesses or institutions like youth groups, church organizations, sports leagues, and more that fail to take reasonable measures to prevent sexual abuse and/or may be aware of sexual abuse happening on their premises but fail to stop it could be held liable for negligence.
  • Employers: Employers who fail to protect staff from foreseeable acts of violence could be found liable for damages that ensue.
  • Property owners and landlords: Property owners must ensure their property is safe for residents and guests from foreseeable acts of violence by taking measures such as installing security cameras and hiring security personnel. If the property owner failed to take reasonable measures to do so, they may be held liable in a lawsuit.

Who Are Common Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse?

Abuse of any kind is normally perpetrated by a person in a position of power, regardless of their relationship with the individual. Sexual abuse can be committed by anyone, irrespective of age, gender, sexual orientation, or relationship with the person they abuse. It may be a friend, teacher, coach, or someone else with whom the survivor has regular contact. According to the Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network (RAINN), 8 out of 10 rapes are committed by a known person.

Common perpetrators seen in NYC sexual abuse lawsuits include:

  • Teachers
  • Coaches
  • Clergy or spiritual figures
  • Daycare workers
  • Foster parents
  • Doctors and medical professionals
  • Persons with fame, influence, and wealth (celebrities, government officials, and businesspeople)

When someone close to you commits sexual abuse, it can become even more difficult to come forward with your story. Survivors may be hesitant to report the abuse because they feel scared, confused, ashamed, or guilty. However, it is important to remember that no one deserves to be sexually abused, and coming forward can help many survivors receive some closure from the crime.

In some cases, NYC sex offenders may use their position of power to manipulate or pressure the survivors into unwanted sexual activity. This may make a survivor of sexual assault fearful to come forward because they are unsure they will be believed, or they may fear retribution from their abuser.

In many cases, predators may groom young individuals by providing them with attention and presents. They might even take advantage of vulnerable people like children or those with disabilities. Sexual predators may also use physical force, threats, blackmail, or influence to get survivors to do as they say. Contact an NYC child sex abuse lawyer to learn more.

What Compensation May Be Available for NYC Sex Abuse Survivors?

While financial compensation cannot change the mental, physical, and emotional damage caused by sexual abuse, it can give survivors the resources that may need to find closure. It can also hold the perpetrator and any complicit parties responsible so that it does not happen again. Sexual abuse survivors can seek compensation for damages including:

  • Pain and suffering, including emotional trauma and distress
  • Medical bills, including the cost of therapy or counseling
  • Relevant lost income or wages
  • Punitive damages if the sexual abuse was particularly egregious

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit in New York?

In New York, childhood sexual abuse survivors have until the age of 55 to file a lawsuit against their attacker and any third-party defendants. Adult survivors of sexual abuse have 10 years to file a lawsuit for third-degree rape and 20 years for sexual abuse and second-degree rape.

Find a Sexual Abuse Lawyer Near Me

If you were sexually abused in NYC, it is important you seek legal assistance. At Edwards Henderson, we understand the complexities of sex abuse cases and are committed to helping you hold your abuser accountable and recover the justice and compensation that you deserve. Contact us here.

Compensation for Sex Abuse Survivors in NYC

For survivors of sexual abuse, seeking compensation can be an important step in the healing process. There are various laws in place in the state of New York for sexual abuse survivors to seek justice. Depending on the type of abuse and the circumstances, you may be able to receive compensation from the abuser, from their employer or organization, or from any other third-party that enabled the abuse in any way.

Remember, you can file a civil sexual abuse lawsuit even if the perpetrator is not found guilty of criminal charges, because civil cases have a lower burden of proof compared to criminal actions.

What is the New York Adult Survivors Act?

Signed into law by New York Governor Kathy Hochul on May 24, 2022, the Adult Survivors Act gives adult survivors of sexual abuse a one-year “lookback window” to file any sexual abuse claims that are otherwise expired. If you survived sexual abuse but did not file a claim within the statute of limitations, this law allows you to file a lawsuit against your attacker regardless of when the sexual abuse took place. For more information, review our Adult Survivors Act FAQs.

Contact a New York City Sex Abuse Lawyer

Regardless of how old the survivor was when the abuse occurred, sexual abuse can cause devastating consequences in many aspects of life. By filing a sexual abuse lawsuit, sex abuse survivors can hold their abuser accountable and potentially receive financial compensation that can go towards medical bills, therapy, counseling, and whatever else they need to feel whole again.

At Edwards Henderson, our dedicated team of sex abuse attorneys has won multiple multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of sex abuse survivors, including a $7.1 million verdict in a sexual assault case and a $1.1 million verdict in a rape case. If you or a loved one were sexually abused in NYC, contact Edwards Henderson  to speak with a New York City sex abuse lawyer today.

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